Next Day Gears can help you with your Gear Prototypes. Have a new Design?  We can bring that design to reality! We offer fast delivery options. If it goes into a machine, we can make it! Don’t wait days for a quote. Get your quote within the hour! Get your prototype gear made right away. Prove your design quickly!  We will quote you within one hour.  We can make parts in a matter of days.
Next Day Gears is a Gear Manufacturer with extremely fast lead times and years of Experience!
We can give you a 3D model or 2D drawings of your Prototype within hours.  If you have an existing gear or part, we can reverse engineer it and supply models and prints.
In this day and age, waiting is money.  Do not waste time and money on companies that cannot perform.  Our Goal is to save you money.  And get your design complete.  Feel free to call us or email us with your goals.  We want to help you meet them.
Have material requirements, no problem.  Next Day Gears can make parts from Steels, Stainless Steels, Bronze, Aluminum, Plastics etc.  Do not think you have to count on “stock” parts.  Make exactly what you want.
We work from your prints, your sample, your Models, or your spec sheets!  Just send your info to and receive your quote Same Day!
After you approve your prototypes, Next Day Gears can go into full production of your parts. Can make 10-20,000 pcs in your production run. We can also offer flexible blanket shipment options.  Need 200 per month, not problem. Want 1000 pcs in one shipment, we can do that too.  We are here to fill requirements.  We are here to be flexible to your needs.
Call or email us today :