Next Day Gear specializes in the Cloning of Gears and Machine Parts! If you have a Gear or Machine Part that you want to duplicate, Next Day Gears can Clone it!  Here is how it works.  Send us your part and we will reverse engineer it and produce a 3D model and 2D print.  We will then manufacture the part.  All of this in a matter of days. 

We can work with a Broken or Worn out part if that is what you have.  Or we can work from a part in good condition.   Whatever  you have, we can make it work.

For an estimate send Just send a photo of the gear or part to and we will quote you on making a new one!  If you want a firm quote, send in your sample to the address below. can offer the fastest lead times possible to manufacture your parts.  We make Spur Gears, Worm Gears, Helical Gears, Bevel Gears, Plastic Gears, Timing Pulleys and much more!

Have a part with no teeth? No problem.  We make shafts, couplings, Cams etc.

Choose from any material!  We can make your parts from Steel, Stainless Steel, Bronze, Aluminum, Plastic or any other material grade.

If you have the ability to make the parts, but still need a 3D model or 2D Print, We offer that service as well.  We can provide you the information you will need to produce the part.

Don’t wait any longer! Lets get your project started and completed. Lets clone your part now!

Receive your quote within 1 Hour!