offers Breakdown Gear Services. We have 7 different delivery options to choose from depending on your needs!  We Manufacture Gears and Machine parts faster than anyone.  Lets get started right away. Send  your Photos, prints, 3D Models or Spec Sheets to             

 Your Quote will arrive within the hour!

Have a new Design? can bring that design to a reality! This is just another great Gear Services that we offer.

We can Manufacture your Gear or Machine Part Prototype super Fast! 

We work from your prints, your Models, or your spec sheets!  Just send your info to and recieve your quote Same Day!

If you have a Gear or Machine Part that you want to duplicate, can Clone it!  Just send a photo of the gear or part to and we will quote you on making a new one!

Choose from any material!

Receive your quote within 1 Hour! can make 1 pc to 20,000 pcs!  We offer custom Production Runs with several shipping options.  We can ship all the Parts at one time. Or we can space them out in monthly shipments!  We are flexible with your schedules.

Send your info to

We can take any part and make a 3D model for you right away!  Just download our Model to your machine and save yourself hours of programming!

We can also supply a 2D print!                 

Send a photo or print of the part you want a model for, and we will quote you within the hour!

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