gear material choices

Gear Materials Choices. Choose from any Grade of Steel, Stainless Steel, Bronze, Aluminum or Plastic for your gear requirements. If you are unfamiliar with Materials you can just ask for our Standard Grades.  For Steel it is 1141 HR Steel. Stainless is 303. Bronze is 660. Aluminum is 6061 T651. And Plastic is Delrin.  However, you can choose from the Hundreds of other material Grades under each catagory.  If you can find it on, we can make the gear from it.

There are many benefits of being able to choose your Grade of material.  For example, steel can be hardended, it is magnetic, and it comes in several different Strengths.  Stainless can be used in liquid and high corrosive applications.  Stainless can also be hardened. Bronze can be used for sacrificial wear when running with a Steel Part. Bronze to steel results in much lower friction forces than with steel to steel.  Aluminum can be good for Weight Reduction and wear resistance.  And finally, Plastics can help in many ways. Plastic gears are more forgiving than metal because plastic can deflect to absorb impact loads. It also does a better job of distributing localised loads caused by misalignment and tooth errors. Reduced noise: The superior noise-dampening properties of plastics result in a quiet running gear.

Having Gear Material Choices helps eliminate issues you may have in your particular application.  There are many things to think about when designing gear applications.  You have to account for Speed, Heat, Corrosion, Expansion, Deflection, and loads, just to name a few. Next Day Gears is the best company to help.

If  you are unsure of what Gear Material Choices you should make, Call Next Day Gears at 215-538-2362. Or email